Laboratory for Scientific Investigation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage Assets

Director: CS II Dr Viorica VASILACHE

Research directions:
a. Scientific investigation of works of art – expert authentication, asset evaluation, conservation status determination, compatibility studies, monitoring interventions;
b. Integrated conservation of cultural and natural heritage – the general theory of integrated conservation, heritage assets etiopatology, intervention’s methodology, climatology, museology, operative procedures in case of risk interventions, groups of materials restoration: metal, wood , stone, ceramics, glass, textiles and cellulose holders;
c. Science and Engineering of Materials – synthesis and characterization of new materials;
d. Science and environmental engineering – direct and reverse impact study on the environment and heritage systems;
e. Forensic science – methods and techniques of forensic investigation; collecting and preserving evidence and traces materials, analytical data processing and interpretation;
f. Inventions – developing new methods and techniques of scientific investigation.