Managerial team

Honorary Director: Professor Emeritus Dr Victor SPINEI
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Manager: Dr Andrei ASĂNDULESEI
T: +4 0232 201635
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Coordinator of training activities: Dr Felix-Adrian TENCARIU

Scientific Secretary: Assoc. Professor Dr Vasile COTIUGĂ

Contact person: Dr Andrei ASĂNDULESEI

Research structure

Arheoinvest is structured into five laboratories, each with multiple sections:

1. Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Archaeology — coordinator: Assistant Professor Dr Neculai Bolohan
a. Theoretical Archaeology and the Methodology of Archaeology – head of section: Neculai BOLOHAN;
b. Applied Archaeology – head of section: Vasile COTIUGĂ;
c. Computerised Archaeology – head of section: Lucreţiu BÎRLIBA;
d. Experimental Archaeology – head of section: Felix-Adrian TENCARIU; 
e. Etnoarchaeology – head of section: Marius ALEXIANU.

2. Laboratory of Bioarchaeology — coordinator: Assistant professor Dr Luminiţa BEJENARU
a. Archaeozoology – head of section: dr. Simina STANC;
b. Archaeobotanics – head of section: Mihaela DANU;
c. Paleoanthropology – head of section: Angela SIMALCSIK;
d. Archaeogenetics – head of section: Lucian GORGAN;
e. Isotopes and biomolecules – Luminiţa BEJENARU.

Laboratory of Geoarchaeology — coordinatorCS III Alin MIHU-PINTILIE
a. Archaeopedology – head of section: Cristian SECU;
b. Paleogeomorphology – head of section: Dan LESENCIUC;
c. Paleohidrology and Paleoclimatology – head of section: Lucian SFÂCĂ;
d. Topography and archaeological cartography – head of section: Dragoş NICA;
e. Applied Geochemistry in Archeology – head of section: Nicolae BUZGAR.

Laboratory of Archaeophysics — coordinatorCS III Florica MĂȚĂU
a. Physical investigations in Archaeology – head of section: Florica MĂȚĂU;
b. Physico-chemical methods of absolute dating in Archaeology – head of section: Cristian BORCIA.

Laboratory for Scientific Investigation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage Assets — coordinatorCS II Dr Viorica VASILACHE.
a. Scientific investigation – head of section: Ana DROB;
b. Research, Development and Innovation – head of section: Viorica VASILACHE;
c. Active Preservation and Restoration – head of section: Ion SANDU.