Laboratory of Archaeophysics

Director: CS-III Dr Andrei Asăndulesei

Research directions:

a. Geophysics – prospecting archaeological sites in order to enlighten, through different geophysical methods, soil physical abnormalities, due to the presence of archaeological data, which modifies the soil’s geophysical properties (electrical conductivity, magnetic susceptibility etc.); detecting these abnormalities through electrical and magnetometric prospect- the most popular and commonly prospect used in archeology. Also, the anomalies can be housing remains buried in; these modern prospects limits the working space and layout, thus better understanding before carrying out archaeological research;

b. Absolute Dating – radiocarbon and thermoluminescence methods for dating the archaeological sites;

c. Analysis of artifacts’ surfaces – by various surface analysis techniques are investigated certain mechanical and physico-chemical properties of the surface, very important in assessing present material in archaeological sites.